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Surveillance Alert - Monkeypox Guidance for Healthcare Providers

Posted 5 months ago in State Healthcare Updates

Maricopa County Department of Public Health (MCDPH) issued a press release announcing an increasing number of monkeypox cases in the county.  We currently have 10 cases with case investigation and contact tracing ongoing. MCDPH is instructing contacts of individuals who tested positive for monkeypox to monitor themselves for symptoms and providing post-exposure prophylaxis (JYNNEOS vaccine) to those with higher risk exposures. 

It is important that our provider community consider monkeypox in their differential diagnosis for those who have a rash consistent with monkeypox and/or epidemiological risk factors for exposure to monkeypox. As most cases of monkeypox resolve without treatment and are not severe, referral for testing to local emergency departments/urgent care centers is not usually necessary.